January 3, 2018

About Us

Mor Haryanvi and Mor Music Company is Haryana’s largest Haryanvi content making group.
Mor Music founded by one of the Haryana’s leading Music Producer – Mr. Rajesh Mor and is
promoted brands by Mor Digital Recordings & Mor Haryanvi.

Mor Music was incorporated in 1994 and has redefined the Haryanvi Music space in this period.
Making a strong start with the blessings of Pt. Lakhmi Chand, Mange Ram, Dada Jagannaath Jaat
Mehar Singh. Blessed with a melodious voice and armed with classical training, they have sailed
through their musical journey successfully over the last two decades and therefore creating the
foundation for Mor Music and it’s founder to start the journey in Music & Entertainment industry.
The Company successfully boost Artists-Singers/Lyricists/Music Composers, their sales and
branding by organizing high profile events that include music launches by celebrity personalities.
The promotion campaign are organized at various part of the state which includes schools, malls,
music stores etc. through both electronic and print media via PR professionals.
The Company entered into Digital Media with its YouTube channel “Mor Music” in 2013. The online
presence of its music allows their fans to enjoy, download and buy their favorite music.
Apart from these their many distributors all over India which are promoting the company and its
melodious music.
The significantly dynamic content of the Company products are the result of many years of
research and laborious work, that has been developed by a highly creative team of technically
qualified experts as well as marketing and branding specialists.